Gemini of Emreiana (Gemini #1) by Kristen DaRay

Carson is a normal senior in high school applying to college, deciding what she wants to do with her future and keeping her relationship with long term boyfriend Kyle going. Of course when every college rejects you even though your the valedictorian and you start having strange dreams of worlds that don't exist, then something seems a bit off. Then comes a stranger that tells you everything you thought you knew about your life is false and in fact you are an alien. That's right alien. No ordinary alien either, but a princess in line for the throne of Emreiana and your mother, who you thought was dead, is actually alive and well and reigning Queen. Things get a little sticky.

My favorite part actually starts right there with the explanation. Carson doesn't immediately buy the fact she is an alien and a princess, which was great. Too many times have I read about normal human beings that suddenly find out something impossible and just automatically believe it. You or I wouldn't just jump on that alien train if someone told us they existed and I was one of them, you'd think they were crazy. For Carson to process this information and take her time coming to her own conclusion I thoroughly enjoyed. The same can be said for her feelings towards her new gaurdian and her boyfriend. No insta-love here, and she really had to figure out what she truly felt and where it was coming from before she made any definitive decisions for her life. That was a refreshing change from a genre that is saturated with said love stories.

In terms of this being an alien story, I really enjoyed that aspect. I thought the fact that it seemed to be starting as a normal human girl story and built into this otherworldly affair was what made this story go from cute to awesome. The problem with these kinds of books are that it takes a whole chunk of book to explain what this other world is like and what the people are like because of them being, well, not human. The author does a really good job of not making that boring or exceedingly long, which really helps the book move along. That is a tricky thing to navigate while still giving lots of descriptions and information so for that I applaud Gemini of Emreiana for succeeding in making a sci-fi story flow.-My Opinion-Buy it!