Heart-Shaped Emblor by Alaina Ewing

Aislinn Moore is starting college at 17, and that can be quite a challenge in it's own right, but add in the fact that she has supernatural powers and sometimes has some super weird paranormal moments, and life gets a little bit skewed. I was immediately grabbed by the uniqueness of her powers from the touching of physical things and being able to know things about the owner and the visions of the future, it was a great combination that led to some great story telling. She has to deal with a lot in this book and Aislinn did a very good job at keeping together even when everything blew up in her face.

As a character I found it refreshing that Aislinn seemed to be, well, normal. Of course her powers are anything but normal, however as a teenage kid she doesn't seem out of place. I liked that is this case because it brought the character down to Earth, instead of being an outrageously fantastical superhero, she was like you and I. It felt like even I could overcome all the obstacles that Aislinn faced, and that is not often something you read with in books like Heart-Shaped Emblor. She was going through the process of growing up right along side with cosmic beings and it seemed natural. Aislinn is strong enough for you to believe she is capable of all the feats that she pulls off, but normal enough that you could picture her walking down the side walk in college.

The supernatural aspect of this read was really great too. It was a unique story that I felt I never really read before and that is always something to be commended, because I do feel like I'm reading the same reprocessed stories a lot. Not in Heart-Shaped Emblor. Aislinn and her romantic ties could have been flushed a little further but I thought her love interest her really had an organic feeling to it and never felt forced. If you like supernatural stories with twists that are grounded in the real world, I think you'll love this book just as much as I did!-Buy it!

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