A Christmas Fling: A Magical Tale of Romance and Adventure by Beth Barany

I can't resist an adorable love story that is Christmas themed this time of year. Dahlia and Liam's fascinating Christmas fling turns into something neither one of the expect, or for that matter, wanted. However these two worked-consumed individuals learn what true love feels like and how seeing isn't always believing. Dahlia, for instance, is an elf. That's right an elf. She is in San Francisco for her year abroad, the time where an elf spends around humans to learn their culture and inspiration for their personal toy they create to become a Master Elf and be a part of Santa's creative team.

Now, before I lose you thinking this is a weird tale of elves, Santa and reindeer, it isn't. In fact the whole story seemed very grounded and easy to believe throughout. For me, that's always a concern when you are talking about something as incredibly niche like Santa's elves because a lot of stories are incredibly corny and more towards the comical side so when you are talking about a romance novella, I had my doubts. However the author does a wonderful job of creating a character who is someone normal which extraordinary details, rather than a character that is outrageous and falls in love. Dahlia was quirky and adorable and very convincing as a young girl falling in love for the first time but still has her own dreams.

To Dahlia's quirkiness, Liam is the serious and anti-love kind of guy. It was refreshing to see the man in the pair being the one that has had his heart broken and isn't interested in love instead of the girl being that way. Not to ramble on about a novella, this story made me smile in this most wonderful time of year. If you're looking for a quick but love filled story to read this Christmas, pick up A Christmas Fling: A Magical Tale of Romance and Adventure .- My Opinion- Buy it! 

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