Review: Skin Deep by Megan D. Martin

Kiera is a young but overweight hairdresser in the coastal town of Kittery, ME. After running from a horrible past that almost killed her she ended up here by literally picking a flight and just leaving. Her friends, in an attempt to make her happy, come up with an idea to give her what she has always wanted, a new body. Bettina, a Gypsy, will give her the hot and sexy body with only one catch. She can't have sex or her body goes back to the way she has before the spell. Seems like a perfect scenario for Kiera, considering the way she feels about men in general after everything that she has gone through. However, life doesn't always play it fair. After being introduced to Cain and all the paranormal creatures that are walking around that humans like her don't know about, can she resist him and keep her new body? Or is it worth losing it for something bigger?
First off, I loved Kiera. She has self-esteem issues, but I challenge anyone who has survived all the ebs and flows her life has taken her on in her short life to not have issues. She was stronger than she gave herself credit for and I think at the end of the story started to realize what she has inside of her. She is kind and loyal, even the Weres saw that from the very beginning. I was a little confused by her attraction to Cain. Of course he is gorgeous and at times extremely kind to her, however he was all male. His Were-tiger tendencies should have scared more. He was dominant and Alpha, something that should have triggered way more fear because it was the same thing Roth did to her. I did get the fact that he wasn't Roth and he had a gentle and kind side to him that showed through more than her ex did, but I thought it was a little weird that she accepted him much more than I expected and was more concerned with her body than what he would do to her heart.
That being said, their romance was hot and heavy from the beginning and you could feel the heat coming off the page between these two. The world that the supernaturals lived in was fascinating and diverse. There were so many races and people and social structure going on that it was obviously going to be difficult packing everything into one story so I was left wanting to know more about all of them and the world they lived in. Bitten vs. Born, Gypsy Vs. Witches, different types of Weres, plus a whole monarchy and people that were millenniums old? I want to know more about this world so much that I hope this story continues and we get to know the characters here more personally. Cain and Kiera was a hot start to something I'm really looking forward to taking off into something amazing!