Review: The Sorcery Code by Dima Zales

For a kid from the 90s, this book mixed two great concepts together: creating a person and magic. Take a movie like Disney Channel's Pixel Perfect or the cult classic Weird Science, where people have created artificial intelligence that grows into someone who is living, breathing and learning and put that character into Harry Potter and you've got The Sorcery Code. Blaise, the main character, creates Gala out of the spell realm to help the people he used to serve as councilman. His intentions are really admirable, he wants to give magic to those not just of a high born stature, to help them better there lives. Not everyone agrees with him, including Augusta, his ex-fiance. She see's Gala as something dangerous and needs to be destroyed. Blaise has to ward off a fight of epic proportion while still dealing with Gala, who wants to experience everything their world has to offer.

The big sell for me with this book was the world. It was creative and unique, while still being rooted in traditional magic/spellcaster stories mixed with some steampunk  elements. When traditional stories meet new and amazing twists, I think that makes the best stories! Things such as an old school class system with soldiers and councils give the book character and really make the leads more interesting in how they deal with situations and interact with different people. On top of all that, the dynamics between Blaise and Gala, Augusta and Blaise, and Gala with everyone else is fascinating to read about because of the relationship already established and the way those are changing during the story.

The character do make or break a story, The Sorcery Code is no different. I found it oddly intriquing that I really liked the so called "bad guy" in the story, Augusta. I thought she was great, even though she I still felt she was entirely off base with her logic. She had me feeling sorry for her at moments and then the next I wanted to smack her upside the head. Then you had Gala, who in my opinion stole the thunder from the main character Blaise. I loved him, don't get me wrong, but Gala so fun to read about. She was like a child in woman form learning everything around for the first time. Plus her naivety gave her perspective a fresh look at all the old things around all of them and really propelled you to see both the flaws of there world and the good things going on. This was really an awesome story to introduce a new world with and brought it all home with great characters.