Review: Reign of Ice (Forever Fae #4) by L.P. Dover


As I close this chapter on The Land of Fae, it brings a smile to my face how this series ended with Reign of Ice. This series has been one of my favorites in the past year and I couldn't be happier with how everything went. This final story with Ariella and Brayden, the youngest of all the 8 Princes and Princesses, was fraught with the same passion and zeal I have come to expect in this series, while bringing to the table their own unique story. They cap a beautifully written series that is both awe-inspiring in its' landscape and compelling with its' characters. Reign of Ice should be on your TBR list, immediately.

First off, Ariella and Brayden. They are adorable together. You have this spit-fire of a girl, who doesn't take crap from anyone, including her Prince and then this quiet, reserved and serious guy who quite frankly seems a little bit shy to put it plainly. She follows the tradition of the women in her family by being a strong female but she is more on the mischievous side of confident and I thought that personality balanced with what she had to sacrifice for the good of everyone. Fun and playful grew up into someone who made the decision that had to be made, regardless of what others think about them. I think that trend of growth was also evident in Brayden as well because you had this seemingly cold character that blossomed into a swoon-worthy Prince throughout the story and as a direct result of Ariella's aura.

The story itself did seem a bit rushed at first. However, I can overlook that simply because there was a lot to do in this book to reach an end that could be complete. I would have loved to get to know these two more and have a chance to flush out some of there relationships with other people, like we did in the first three books, but it was still there in small bits. The setting in which these characters reside is always a positive in this series and that continues in Reign of Ice. Everything is so detail oriented, right down to the white sand stones of their Winter Palace to the gorgeous detailing in her wedding dress that seem to come alive right on the page. The details embedded in these stories are amazing. Plus, I am thoroughly in debt to the author for making this an actual ending. There are always going to be hints of the possibility of more stories coming from The Land of Fae but it had a decisive finale, and I love that. 

The series as a whole has been a breathe of fresh air for me in a very much written about category of fae. I have to say that the growth you read about in all four of these books with the characters is equally matched in the growth of the writing. L.P. Dover has done a brilliant job of creating four individual stories that make up the greater whole and that is something that should be applauded. It could have been so easy to churn out four love stories that were all the same and have a monotonous pattern emerge. Not the case here. You can tell from page one of Forever Fae to the last page of Reign of Ice that her writing has grown and developed an adept feeling for telling you the reader about her characters.

If the characters are what sold the story for me, than everything else was just bonus. To reinvent the wheel is almost impossible so when I got a faery story that was unique and new and refreshing, I have to stop and take notice. This world is a balance between lore and modern. It toes the line of being contemporary characters and ideals with the old school fae tradition. It was one of the reasons I loved this series so much. I hope to hear about another story from this world again, however these four books have won me over with ease and no matter if you're looking for a love story or action or whimsy, Reign of Ice and the rest of the Forever Fae series will ensnare from beginning to end, and what an ending it had!