Review: Recruitz (Afterworld #1) by Larice Bolton

RecruitZ (Afterworld Series) - Karice Bolton

I do love a good zombie read. RecruitZ, however, brought more than just zombies to the table. It brought mystery, dystopia, science, emotions and a whole lot of courage in the form of Rebekah Taylor. Having survived the outbreak of zombies months before, and living off the land with her husband, her world is ripped apart when the supposedly contained zombies rip him apart right in front of her and her world changes. She has to deal with the grief of losing her best friend but she is also determined to find out who is lying to whom and why did this happen to him....

Rebekah was such a great character for this story! You could feel her pain and grief coming through but at the same time she was this brave and determined woman who wasn't going to take any sort of BS around her. You felt horrible for her and was awed by her at the same time. That is a hard balance to mix in a heroine. I think the author does a great job at making you feel everything that is going on in her head and that leaves you with a book that hits all the great things about a zombie read: adventure, thriller and emotions.

Those emotions run wild in this story and what emphasized them well was the fact that this is one of the most unique stories I have read in a long time. Yes, it's a disease outbreak and it's zombies but there is another element to RecruitZ that I just loved. It was the world trying to tip itself back up again after hitting some serious lows and people trying to get back to normal after a horrific event. However, clearly there are still mysteries at work here because things aren't what the government want you to believe. Add to that background of tragedy and rebuilding the hint of romance that is blooming for Rebekah and a sexy man who also has his own grief he is dealing with and it just rounded the story out. Clearly it is too early for Rebekah to be falling in love, which is perfect exactly how this is playing out, but that spark of something more is hidden in these pages somewhere and gives the reader a direction to go in for future books. I loved the setting we created in this one and the characters so I am definitely looking forward to what else this story has for me in the future!