Review: Thrall (Daughters of Lilith #1) by Jennifer Quintenz

Thrall: A Daughters of Lilith Novel - Jennifer Quintenz

I have never read a succubi story before. Admittedly I have a few that I haven't gotten to yet, however Thrall is my first encounter with these creatures of paranormal lore and I am so glad I said yes to reviewing it. This is the story of Braedyn Murphy, a 16 year old girl who thought she knew everything about herself and her father but learns that nothing is as it seems. Succubi are the daughters of Lilith, who if you don't know the myth is the first female God created but she didn't want to be with Adam in the garden of Eden, she wanted to be an equal. The legend goes that all these succubi are her children and the have powers that feed off the energy of men through lust and desire. Braedyn is part of a huge plot to stop these creatures from returning to the world to reek havoc on humans that don't stand a chance against them, of course she doesn't know it until that war is at her door step but what's a teenage girl to do?

What I loved about this story was that it was a hodgepodge of mythology, war, angel vs demon, romance, action and adventure, family and self that mixed together to make a beautiful literary stew of awesomeness! It had so many elements going on within the story that it could have been very easy to run this train right off the tracks and get lost in some aspects versus others, but that didn't happen. The author kept us focused on one part of Braedyn at a time, whether it be friends, family, her crush on Lucas, her connection with Karayan or anything else that this story threw at her.  She told so many different stories within a bigger picture that I was actually surprised at how well all the side characters were developed enough that I could easily see where each POV was coming from without actually having multiple POVs telling the story. That's rare in this genre and really made it stand out in my eyes.

I also noticed that this book was very unique. Sure, I've heard of Lilith before, anyone who has read The Mortal Instruments series has seen a myth about her, but I thought Thrall was a new story that I hadn't read about before. Fresh is what I am looking for in a genre filled with teenage coming of age stories where they don't know what they are and fall in love with someone along the way. Thrall left me wanting more, gave me characters that intrigued me and an epic battle between heaven and hell that let a heroine as good as Braedyn shine throughout it all.