Review: Manhattan Ten Series: Ivory by Lola Dodge

Ivory - Lola Dodge

All the problems I had with the first book in this series was solved in Ivory. That being said, I think the reason for this was the fact that book 2 takes place before book 1......weird, I know. However, when I read Ivory and Panther's story I was more satisfied with the information received and the bigger picture. That isn't to say the characters were lost here, because these two were on fire!

These two were fierce, wild and straight up crazy at points and I loved it! Ivory was a strong and confident woman on the outside with a crazed wild woman on the inside itching to get out. Enter Panther, who is all tropical jungle heat and these two meet with sparks flying. I thought it was really cool to see two people that were so similar, yet terribly different. You had the icy stoic nature of Ivory with the predator heat that Panther brought and yet they were both a little bit animal and they let that nature come out of each other without judging. I think these two understood each other better than Jenny and Tank did in the first book.

I still didn't get my answers about why people had super powers and why everyone knows about them, however we did see more of a glimpse of the Manhattan 10. We found out about each of the heroes involved and where they lived. Plus, we got see what they had to deal with in terms of work and press. I thought I still wanted more of the story but if this book had been first in the series, I would have had a clearer picture about what was alive in this world. There were also things hinted at, such as a anti-hero organization, that I would love to see explored in future books. This was a adventure through carnal desire and the Ivory/Panther relationship delivered!