Review: Manhattan Ten Series: Belle Fury by Lola Dodge

Belle Fury - Lola Dodge

This is the book I was waiting for since book 1. Red Ruin, number 2 in the Manhattan 10, fascinated me from the first book and I was hoping I would get to hear his story. I never thought a ballerina would be his future, but I have to say Belle fit in this book perfectly. These two seemed to warm up to each other rather than have that instant connection that the other two books started with, and I loved that. The whole story actually felt like a much more relate-able, and I think that had to do with the characters pasts rather than the love story that was unfolding in these pages.

Both Belle and Red Ruin had pasts that me as the reader could understand. Red Ruin being the big fish in the small pond that ended up not fitting in, or so he felt, in the big pond of super heroes. Belle on the other hand had a drive about her that resonated by the fact that she worked hard, came from a family that didn't seem to care about her dreams, and danced for the love it rather than money. Those experiences make these characters people instead of these superheroes with extraordinary powers and that was refreshing. Now, don't be mistaken here, these two kick ass in a big way. I just thought they were more down to earth and real than the other two couples.

I loved the surprise that powers can have on an ordinary person, the build up of emotions between two people and ultimately the passion for each other that only separation can bring about. This book felt like a complete picture. They learned lessons about themselves along the way, which was another reason to absolutely adore this couple. Red Ruin's story was definitely worth the weight and I could not have been happier with how his heart was stolen!