Review: The Billionaire and the Barfly by Adrianne James

The Billionaire & The Barfly - Adrianne James

Aubrey Vincent wants what every twenty something does; her career to take off, to be able to move out of her parents home and start a life of her own. What makes her different from most women, especially in this genre, is she doesn't want a boyfriend. She loves sex, lets get that straight, but she is more than happy with one night stands with whoever peaks her interests for the time being. That is until Henry Maximus comes into the picture and everything she thought she wanted in her personal life seems to be turned upside down.

Henry is fan-girls dream. Hot, smart, geeky and oozing sex appeal, I immediately loved him. However, what really solidified him into the book boyfriend hall of fame is that he wasn't trying to get Aubrey into bed but he wanted her to love him....Seriously??? Awwwwww. I loved that the guy character was what you would normally see in a female character in this genre. Plus Aubrey herself seemed like the type to be a great friend and I would love to hang out with. The two of them together make this super executive type couple that truly turn on the heat with each other. I loved that he started to break down her walls and change how she felt about men. That is quite the characteristic in a romance lead.

I did feel like his perspective was missing from all of the this. It is told completely in Aubrey's POV and I really just wanted to get into his head throughout and really find out what he was thinking while chasing her. I did appreciate the fact that Aubrey's character was fully defined and we got to know her from A to Z, which I think is why the author chose to tell the story from her head and not both. I can respect that. The story was great, the romance seemed organic and the book left me wanting more. All of that would make me recommend this book to anyone!