Review: Mine to Spell (Mine Series #2) by Janeal Falor

Mine to Spell (Mine #2) - Janeal Falor

When I finished You Are Mine I wasn't sure where we would go from there in terms of plot and character. I loved Serena and her story but I was concerned about the diversity of story to be told here, would it be the same breaking-the-mold and fearing for her life just like the first book in the series? I really wanted to know what would happen from that point on especially being a free women in a male dominated world but would it get monotonous? Picking up Mine to Spell I was surprised by what I found mostly because I didn't see it coming.

Changing POVs to Christina, Serena's little sister, was a brilliant move. It gave us a new and refreshing story to tell, along with a different perspective about the changes that we built from the first book to this one. Christina was progressive like her sister but still more timid to change which made her decisions throughout this book stark in contrast to Serena's. That was awesome in terms of keeping me entertaining and guessing at the same time. I wasn't sure what she was going to do at moments throughout the story and that made for a great read.

Her stubbornness mirrored what clearly runs in the family, but what I saw in Christina was more than just a fighter but a survivor as well. Pairing Christina's story while continuing to learn and build about Zade, Serena and all the others we met was what made this story perfect for me. I loved expanding the world but not letting the characters get lost in it by spreading them out. Plus,, the author drew from similar elements, such as the warlock tournament, that created a seam for these stories to woven from that let them shine on their own but still feel like the same series. I can't wait to see what is ahead for our girls in Chardonia and Mine to Spell was a fantastic follow up!