Review: 13 to Life (13 to Life Series #1) by Shannon Delany

13 to Life - Shannon Delany

I really enjoyed this book for a number of reasons. One being that the paranormal story was different but intriguing and had a lot of depth in it, without giving away too much about the story. What surprised me the most was that I found myself forgetting that it WAS a paranormal story at times, and not in a bad way. A lot of the book is just Jess and her friends in school and dealing with teenager issues, boys/grades/parents etc. Between all that and hearing about her mother's death and how she deals with it inside and out, I was so enthralled with that story that I almost overlooked all the hints we were getting about Peitr and what he really is....almost. 

Although I thought Jess was a little dense for not picking up all the hints and weird things going on, I can forgive her because I did enjoy her as a main character. She was tough but vulnerable, she could handle everything thrown at her but still needed someone's shoulder to cry on, and is very smart though sometimes obtuse. I'll be honest the ending did confuse the hell out of me, and I am still not sure exactly what happened, but it left me wanting to read the next in the series ASAP!!


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