Review: A Hidden Fire (Elemental Series #1) by Elizabeth Hunter

A Hidden Fire - Elizabeth   Hunter

Anyone with the name Dr. Giovanni Vecchio will start to peak my interest. How could a name like that not be interesting? Well, A Hidden Fire doesn't disappoint. Add to the hot name a personality that men should kill for, and he's wicked smart? I love books, they make even the most impossible dreams come true!

Take Dr. V and add a witty and smart heroine, B, you get a story that combines paranormal, historical and a whole lot of nerdy. It was really fun and sexy, you will definitely never get bored or put it down! There was a hint of mystery and intrigue to go with it's soft, almost humorous side as well. I loved Beatrice, she was such a strong character that had certain vulnerability in her that allowed for a character like Giovanni to enter her life and stick that it made for a great romance. You could feel the sizzle of attractiveness between them and that was great! I picked this book up for 99 cents, that's right I said 99 cents, and can say it was well worth it!


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