Review: Afternoon Delights Anthology

Afternoon Delights - Melissa Ringsted, Elise Marion, Karen Swart, Emily Fogle, Elizabeth Marx, Elizabeth Kirke, Kimberly Larson, L.P. Dover

Afternoon Delights offers a fan of any sort of romance what they are looking forward, while still giving you the option of  exploring all different types of romances along the way. From really innocent and sensual to hot and heavy, these authors really know how to write a scintillating story to build a romantic event. Sometimes you don't know where you're going at the beginning of the story but that makes the ending so much better and really catches you off guard a number of times. For short stories to make me have so many feels, that's a remarkable thing.

The other part that I really enjoyed about this anthology was the variety of topics we covered in one book. Usually in a group of short stories like this you get a theme, not just a romance theme, whether it's paranormal or dystopian or contemporary they all have elements of one topic. Not so in Afternoon Delights! There are contemporary stories about couples you would think could be you or me, really interesting paranormal elements that I would love to hear more about in a full length novel, and historical romances that will touch your heart. I enjoyed every story in here and would recommend it to anyone simply because it is going to have something you like in here but expose you to so much more!


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