Review: Amaranth by John Kellett

Amaranth - John  Kellett

I'm finding it difficult to review this book to be honest. On one hand it was very cute and the story was very adventurous. On the other, it was so simple that it lacked any sort of originality or flare.

I think that's where I'm struggling.

I've heard this story before. Yes you have two children who listen to their grandfather's stories and think everything's made up until they find out it's all real and they can go to this far away land.... Heard it before....more than once. The characters where the same two brother and sister pair you always hear about in a fairy tale (i.e Hansel and Gretel/Jack and Jill/ etc etc) There just wasn't anything new to keep my interest in the story, but it was a fun tale that had potential to be great.

I also had a problem understanding the literal words. Normally I wouldn't comment on something like this but I just found myself not understanding some sentences and other times realizing that words were missing or just plain wrong. In other words, it interfered with me reading the book so I just have to say it.


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