Review: An Arrangement of Love (Chasing Love #1) by Kenya Wright

An Arrangement of Love (Interracial Erotic Romance) - Kenya Wright

An Arrangement of Love is nothing like I expected it to be. Reading the blurb I expected this Alpha male billionaire that gets what he wants all the time challenging the both book and street smart young girl right out of Ivy league, but what goes on in this book will take you on a roller coaster of emotions and situations that will enthrall you from the very beginning. When you first meet Jasmine for the first time, you can tell she is a take-no-bullshit type of girl that has worked hard to get out of the poor conditions in which she grew up and a relationship isn't in her immediate future. Everything about her life changes when she interviews for an assistant position with the Billionaire CEO Chase Stone and he wants to her become apart of not just his company but his personal life as well.

This personal life was more than just an intimate relationship, however, and that's where the story took a turn I didn't expect and was quite entertaining. You have this multiple partner arrangement that Chase is involved in with three other women and wants Jasmine to join, plus the murder of the last girlfriends, notice the plural, that has all of them reeling, and her intense attraction to this man that seems like a heart break waiting to happen that have Jasmine in a position of not knowing what to do next. Reading everything unfold and all of the things Chase does to try and lure her in, including multiple trips to foreign countries and lots of wooing, made this story less about a menage and more of an adventure for the main character. Obviously the heat coming off the pages due to these two made this book a love story versus just erotica. You wanted the two of them to fall in love and be together instead of just looking forward to the sexy scenes, and trust me those will not let you down either!

I've never read a book like this before that mix this kind of sexual situation with the little thriller moments throughout, and being unique is always a plus in my own opinion. I want to know what happens with these characters going forward, LIKE RIGHT NOW, and yes there is a little cliffhanger at the end that will leave you reeling for the next installment. However, this book will give you a little bit of everything you are looking for in a read that keeps you on your toes.


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