Review: The Babysitter by Kenya Wright

The Babysitter - Kenya Wright

This is a hot and sexy story about a live in nanny and the father of the kids she takes care of everyday. I know what you're thinking, another silly story about a cheating dad with the cliche babysitter, but this short story was nothing like that at all. It had all the hot scenes you come to expect from a Kenya Wright story but there was also so much sensual energy coming off these two characters and so much evolved, caring love that it was hard to hold back even tears at some points! Blake is just a man trying to do what's right for his family by repairing his relationship with his formerly-estranged wife and Paige, having put his kids back together with some much needed consistency and love, just wants something good in her life. This was an awesome story about two people that have damaged pasts that find true love where neither expected it and finally let themselves have something that's good for their well as their bodies! 


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