Review: Beauty Dates the Beast (Midnight Liasons #1) by Jessica Sims

Beauty Dates the Beast - Jessica Sims, Jill Myles

Bathsheba is a human living in a supernatural world. A supernatural world that consists of them leading the entire world in a group called The Alliance. Most in The Alliance are sub-grouped into clans, which is where Beau, the handsome were-cougar comes into her world. Working for a supernatural match-making firm called Midnight Liaisons,  Bathsheba is the office manager and takes care of most of the operations such as setting up client profiles and making connections. Working with her is Sara, her sister and werewolf, the latter being a secret. Keeping Sara's wolf a secret has been Bathsheba's soul mission since Sara was turned by an abusive boyfriend and also the reason they keep having to run every time someone comes close to figuring it out. After a particularly flighty client cancels her dates with Beau, he calls Midnight Liaisons a little desperate to find someone else to fill it, because he is going into heat. Knowing that humans are not allowed to date any supernatural without an Alliance Visa (yes, you heard me right: Visa), Bathsheba decides to save her job by going out on a date with Beau. After attending said date, Bath gets caught by her boss, the siren Giselle, using her sister's secret(which Giselle knew Bath's chagrin) against her, she is set up on dates and promoted to the supernatural clients as the virgin human. After some "interesting" dates, Beau keeps coming back and seems determined to spend his heat week with her. After something attacks the sisters in their own home, and being saved by the stalker-ish Beau, Bathsheba seems to falling for the were-cougar and agrees to go to his winter cabin to stay protected from whatever was in their home. Needless to say she is pulled in further by the experience, that is until his crazy ex-fiance kidnaps her. Making matters worse, she isn't kidnapped just because this chick is crazy, but she also wanted to become a Wendigo, but decided she didn't like it. For lack of a better description, a Wendigo is shifter turned cannibal. By eating their own, a Wendigo gains the powers of that person and become stronger, faster and lives longer than any other shifters. The reason a human Bathsheba is pulled into any of this is because the ex-fiance wants to turn back from becoming one and eating a human will make her one. More specifically, in a jealous rage, she can take away Beau's new love and kill two birds with one stone. After a heroic escape, while saving Beau in the process, Bath is presented with a huge problem concerning her sister. The wolf pack knows about Sara, and they want her. The most frustrating part of this book comes at this moment. When they meet with the wolf pack to negotiate Sara's freedom, they have a plan to tell them she is mated to a member of Beau's clan, therefore enacting a law in The Alliance that mates stay together in his clan, but we won't find out what happens......til book 2!!! Damn you cliffhangers.... 
               What I liked most about this book was that it didn't have your typical "human falls in love with a supernatural" feel to it, in fact I wasn't sure where this was going at multiple points while reading. Yes, I do think she fell way to fast for a guy she didn't truly know, gave her virginity up at the drop of a hat for him, and got herself into a potentially deadly situation over him.....before even getting a third date. However, the story was interesting and the characters were diverse. It almost took a paranormal romance, mixed in a slight dystopian feel and added some pretty cool mythological story telling and you got this book.  
              A couple things I had trouble with this story were the romance between Bathsheba and beau, and the beginning of the book. I usually can accept some of the love-at-first-sight nonsense A LOT of books in this genre have. I get it, it's destiny, they aren't meant to be together, etc. However, she gave her virginity up in less than a week. After somewhere around 25 years of waiting, she gave it up in less than a week? To a man that could potentially end up sending her sister to the wolf pack, after all the years protecting her, after killing someone to protect Sara, Bath just sleeps with him? Don't get me wrong, I end up liking Beau and I really am looking forward to reading the second book in this series. but can we make it a little hard for the hot cougar to get some tail? 
                My other issue came when I was completely confused during portions of this book. At the beginning, I felt like I missed something in the story, or that I wasn't reading the first in the series. I was confused about the world that it was set in, what kinds of supernaturals were in the story, and what the back story was for Bathsheba. It does get clearer as the story goes on, and I think after finishing it I can see it more clearly, but there was a few moments that I actually had to stop and figure out what was going on. It isn't that complicated I just felt lost and needed to understand things about characters and I didn't get a lot of information. I still felt that way about Beau by the end as well, we really didn't get to know much about his past other than his fiance and a small moment about his father. Hopefully that will come to light as well in the next one.
            My concluding point about this book is that I really enjoyed the story and the world, but I did feel I needed something clearer to read. I will absolutley be reading the second one because of the cliffhanger, I just wish I got a little more in this one. Plus I have a feeling Sara's point of view will be really fun to read!


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