Review: Aphrodite's War by Donna Milward

Aphrodite's War - Donna Milward
Looking through my reviews and you will find an abundance of mythology books that I have read and loved, but what I noticed after reading Aphrodite's War was the severe lack of adult reads in this genre. This book was such a refreshing step in the direction of the Gods that gave me everything from a myth lesson to hot and steamy scenes to a mixture of modern life with ancient principals. This crazy marital fight between Aphrodite and Ares leads to all sorts of messy situations....all the puns intended!
From Gods to humans, the cast of characters contained in this book was wild. You could feel the hatred coming off the page from Aphrodite and her resentment, almost smell Ares putrid stench and Poetry was funky chick that I'd love to hang out with. The human romance was organic, although clearly with divine intervention, but it felt like they didn't rush into things nor take it too slow. Along with the human minor characters, there was a great introduction to other Gods such as the Norse myths that mixed well into the story. Discord and inspiration hung on every other page and really sent these characters on quite the trip by the time we were done and I felt like they had been dragged through the ringer.
The only issue I had with this book was the amount of information contained within it's pages. Never a bad thing when it comes to be entertaining, however, some of the story lines seemed to get muddled because they were glanced over to move the story along. The whole Hephaestus/Poetry thing seemed awkward, Strife and her story got lost a bit but I wanted to know more and Jenny, Poetry's roommate, just needed to go. However, if my biggest complaint is too much going on then I clearly didn't have that hard a time reading it! I thought it was a hot and sexy romance with lots and lots of meddling which is what I have come to expect from the literary Gods and I wasn't disappointed!


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